Abyssinian Cats

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The Abyssinian Cats or affectionately called Aby is not the cat for couch potatoes. It wants action and attention. If you can not provide those two, this cat is not for you.

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Abyssinian Cats

What is an Abyssinian Cat?

The Abyssinian Cat breed is often nicknamed as Aby. It is a domestic cat with short hair. When compared to other cats, you will notice that it has a unique “ticked” tabby coat. Each cat hair has a multicolored band.


Where do Abyssinian Cats come from?

History of Abyssinian Cats

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Abyssinia is the old name of Ethiopia. Abyssinian Cats are believed to have come from this country.

Old stories say that when British soldiers came back after deployment in North Africa for the Abyssinia War in 1868, they brought with them Abyssinian Cats. The first documented Abyssinian Cat in England was named “Zula.”

According to the January 27,1872 issue if the Harper’s Weekly, an Abyssinian Cat took the third prize in the Crystal Palace Cat Show in 1871.

The sacred cats which were central to ancient Egyptian religion was believed to be Abyssinian Cats. Similarities can be found in ancient artifacts and hieroglyphs.

According to DNA evidence however, the breed most likely come from parts of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean and were brought to Europe by British and Dutch traders.


What Does an Abyssinian Cat  Look Like?

Physical Description

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Abyssinian Cats are medium sized felines with lithe, slender and muscular frames ending with a long tapered tail. Their legs are long and strong with small oval shaped paws. They look like they are walking on their tippy toes. Its head is shaped like a wedge and when viewed laterally, you will notice that its nose and chin forms a vertical line. There is also the distinctive M mark on their foreheads. The breed has gold, hazel, copper or green almond shaped eyes. They have alert, relatively large broad pointed ears.


What Do an Abyssinian Cat  Look Like?

Characteristics of an Abyssinian Cat

The Aby’s body built gives us clues to her need for action and inherent strength to gracefully scale heights. You would often find this cat in the highest tree branch.

They are well-known to be intelligent and inquisitive. They would instinctively grab anything that catch their interests so they are often dubbed as “Aby Grabbys.”

With an extroverted personality, it is no wonder that these cats are both playful and willful. In total opposite however is their tendency to be quiet and shy around strangers. They are said to become sulky and depressed when there is little activity for them to do. They crave constant human attention.


 What is the color of an Abyssinian Cat?

The Aby has a ticked coat pattern or what is also called as the agouti effect. This is a genetic variant of a cat’s tabby pattern. It is close to the coat patterns of wild cats like cougars. You will notice that each hair shaft has a lighter base with alternating three to four other bands of color that gradually darkens towards the tip. Together, its medium-length hair looks warm and glowing.

The Abyssinian kittens have darker coats which gradually lighten into either one of the four basic coat colors which are ruddy brown, red or sorrel, blue and fawn.


How much does an Abyssinian Cat cost?

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An average lively Abyssinian kitten is sold from $500 to $700 USD.


What is the lifespan of an Abyssinian Cat?

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The Abys has a long lifespan. They can live anywhere from nine to 13 years or even longer.


What is the average weight of an Abyssinian Cat?

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A medium-sized Abys will weigh about 6 to 10 pounds.

What are the health concerns of an Abyssinian Cat?

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This breed suffers from periodontal disease especially hyperplastic gingivitis. This is easily recognizable because you will notice an inflamed red line on the gums. Touch it and it will easily bleed.

Other Abyssinian related health concerns are familial renal amyloidosis and hereditary retinal degeneration.


What are the pet care needs of an  Abyssinian Cat?

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Because of the gingivitis problem of this breed, dental hygiene is advised to be done daily. If you notice a tartar build up, this also needs to be addressed. Its fine coat also needs a weekly combing. During shedding season, it would also need to be bathed to remove the excess hair. Nails needs to be clipped and if you notice any eye discharge, wipe it with a damp cloth.


Watch this video from Janson Media to learn why the Abyssinian Cat could be your next best friend.

The Abys outgoing personality can be addictive. It grows on you. With its tendency to climb high places, hide and go seek may slowly be one of your favorite games. Keep a watchful eye on this Aby or else both of you might get in trouble.


How did you find this article? What do you love about Abys? Tell us about it below! Meow!


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