American Bobtail Cats

by Monday, June 20, 2016

If you are looking for a playful and affectionate pet, the American Bobtail Cat is the purrfect pet for you! This cat can play catch with you for hours and never get tired. If you give up on her antics, she would continue to pursue you.

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American Bobtail Cats

What is an American Bobtail Cat?

Known for its friendly and playful nature that is in total contrast with its wild appearance, the American Bobtail Cat is a new comer in the cat world.  Cat breeders in the United States used natural selection  to continually develop this breed by using bobtails from all over the country to create the American Bobtails we know today.  An American Bobtail stands out from the rest with its distinctive chunky “bobbed” tail which is about a third of the length of a normal cat’s wiggly tail. 


Where does the American Bobtail Cat Come From?

History of American Bobtail Cat

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The International Cat Association (TICA) first recognized the American Bobtail in 1989.

This breed has been around for ages but it is only through the discovery of Yodie, a feral stubby-tailed male brown tabby bobcat/domestic cat hybrid was found and adopted by John and Brenda Sanders in an Indian reservation in the 1960s. This event started the call for the recognition of the American Bobtail. Yodie then mated with the Sanders’ seal point Siamese female. They produced a litter of stubby tailed kittens.

Today, there is a new and improved line of American Bobcats. They come in a variety of coat types and colors with breeders favoring a sweet disposition and a wild look.


What Does an American Bobtail Cat Look Like?

Physical Description

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The American Bobtail cat has short to long shaggy coats. They have a medium to large rectangular body built largely due to the cat being fully broad chested. Their hips are located higher and are almost as wide as the chest. They have prominent shoulder blades. These features make them look heavy. Their hind legs are longer and stockier and their feet which are large and round sometimes have tufts in the toes.

The head looks like a broad modified wedge without flat planes. There is a noticeable hollow curve starting from the cat’s prominent brow to its nose. Whiskers grow on fleshy whisker pads just above its broad, unpinched, medium-length muzzle. It is deep,almond-shaped widely spaced eyes give the cat a natural hunting expression. It posseses a full, strong chin. Flanking both sides of its head are medium-sized ears with rounded tips.

Its tail is short and thick that stops behind the hind hock. It is about a third of an ordinary cat’s average tail length. Some are straight, others are curved or kinked or even with bumps along its length. It becomes more conspicuous when the American Bobtail Cat is alert.


What Do an American Bobtail Cat Look Like?

Characteristics of an American Bobtail Cat

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The American Bobtail Cat will always keep you entertained with its high intelligence and playful disposition. It has an uncanny way of escaping tight spaces. Its boundless energy is infectious.It is just natural for them to be friendly and always wanting of attention. Don’t be surprised if they approach you with a meow or hop unto your lap for a scratch.  


How much does an American Bobtail Cat costs?

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Wild looking but very loving American Bobtail kitties cost an average of $400 to $800.

What is the lifespan of an 
American Bobtail Cat? 

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This intelligent cat has a long life expectancy. With proper care, its average lifespan can is between 13 to 15 years.


What are the health concerns of an Abyssinian Cat?

Known as a strong and healthy stock, the American Bobtail Cat has no known predisposing geneticallly linked health problems.

Know more about the American Bobtail Cat’s breed and outgoing bubbly personality with this informative video from CoolCuteCatTube.

American Bobtail Cats wild look maybe intimidating at first but once you get to know their endearing personality, we are sure you would want to take one with you. Their sociable nature will definitely drive your blues away or keep you fit as this cat will awaken your playful nature.

How do you find this article? What are the games you like to play with your cat? Scratch your paws on the comment box below and leave us a sweet message right meow!


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