American Curl Cats

by Friday, June 24, 2016

The American Curl Cat has a perky expression that is infectious. Blame this on its unique set of ears that smoothly curls backwards. You can’t help but perk up with a smile when you scan this elegant and sophisticated cat. No wonder the American Curl Cats are the Peter Pans of the cat world.

American Curl Cats

What is an American Curl Cat?

Tagged as the Peter Pan of Felines, this kitty cat is able to maintain its desirable kitten-like temperament up until the end of its long cat life. The breed is rare and easily distinguishable because of their characteristically round ears that are folded to the back of their head.


Where do American Curl Cat come from?

History of American Curl Cat

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Joe and Grace Ruga discovered a stray female kitten with long coat and ears that uniquely curl to the back of its head in June 1981 in Lakewood, California. They named her Shulamith. Six months later, she had two kittens, one was long haired like Shulamith while the other had a shorter coat. It was from Shulamith that the American Curl pedigree began.


What Does an American Curl Cat Look Like?

Physical Description

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The American Curl is a medium-sized, well-muscled cat with an unusually long rectangular body for its overall size. The body ends with a long tail. Her silky straight flat-lying coat is either short or long with varying colors and patterns. Its undercoat needs minimal grooming. The head is wedge-shaped with walnut-shaped eyes. Her unique feature, which is autosomal dominant, are her large ears that curl backwards towards the middle of her skull. These are flexible on top and rigid at the bottom with natural fur present.


What Do American Curl Cat Look Like?

Characteristics of an American Curl Cat

Often compared to a dog in the cat world, the American Curl Cat is far from catty. They are attentive and faithful to their owners, trailing behind them wherever they go. They have high adaptability to their environment and have a sense of natural respect for the previous occupants. This breed likes to live an active lifestyle. This breed likes to live an active lifestyle by climbing and jumping around. This is how they maintain their weight well. No wonder they are often described as lively. Although they like people, they do not really relish sitting on the humans lap. They would rather prefer to sit beside you. They are not talkative and prefers to make soft quivering cooing sounds.


What is the size of an American Curl Cat?

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The American Curl Cat weights around five to 10 pounds. These are considered medium-sized in the cat world.


How much does American Curl Cat  cost?

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This is a rare breed so pricing varies on the type, markings, and bloodline. These three criteria are set by the National or Regional winning parentage (NW or RW), Grand Champion (GC) or Distinguished Merit parentage (DM). A pure breed can fetch from $500 to $2000. Kittens are cheaper and show quality American Curl Cat are the most expensive.


What is the lifespan of an American Curl Cat?

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If you just give the American Curl Cat tender loving care, it will be able to fulfill its promise of a long life. An average cat from this breed can stretch its life to more than 15 years.


Do you want to know the confirmation points of a pure breed champion show American Curl Cat ? Watch this video and learn how to spot the not (from TV):

American Curl Cats are a rare breed. They make a great companion and are not only cats for a show. Their endearing quality of being able to remain a kitty at heart despite their advanced age is infectious. If you want cat therapy to lift up your mood and be happy, choose this cute and sassy sophisticated kitty.


How does your American Curl Cat show their love for you? Scratch your paws on the comment box below and leave us a sweet message right meow!


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