American Wirehair Cats

by Thursday, July 7, 2016

American Wirehair Cats may look similar to American Shorthair Cats. One way to spot the difference is their wiry coat. They also have a higher cheekbone but a less cheeky personality. Read more to get to know these amazing cats!

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American Wirehair Cats

What is an American Wirehair Cat?

American Wirehair Cats look like a regular American Shorthair but with a thick and wiry coat. It is the rarest breed among the 41 cat breeds listed in the Cat Fanciers Association. This all-American domestic cat is limited only for cat shows and breeding purposes.


Where do American Wirehair Cats come from?

History of American Wirehair Cats

This beautiful feline is the consequence of a spontaneous mutation among a litter of five American Shorthair barn cats from council Rock Farm in Vernon, upstate New York in 1966.  The cat’s owner, Nathan Mosher, realizing he has a unique cat in hand, sold the only male in the litter that has a red and white wiry fur and one normal coated female to Mrs. Joan O’Shea who was a local Rex cat breeder for $50. The cats were named Council Rock Farm Adam of Hi-Fi and Tip-Top.

O’Shea then started a breeding program by mating Adam and Tip-Top. The litter produced have two kittens called Abby and Amy. They had wiry hair like their father which were then sold to interested cat breeders. Amy was bought by Bill and Madeline Beck who were instrumental in attracting attention to this breed. Amy then gave birth to the first homozygous American Wirehair Cat which was named Barberry Ellen.

The Becks petitioned and registered the American Wirehair Cat in the Cat Fanciers Association in 1967 and achieved CFA Championship in 1978.


What Does an American Wirehair Cat  Look Like?

Physical Description

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The American Wirehair is a medium-sized cat with a sturdy build that looks similar to an American Shorthair Cat. Its defining feature, however, is its wiry coat which is thick, hard and springy like steel wool. It is hooked, bent or crimped that results in ringlets. It has three types of hairs which are down, guard and awn. All of these types are twisted and comes in varied patterns and colors. His whiskers and ear fur has hair of similar wiry consistency.

Its round head has high cheekbones and a pronounced muzzle which also helps separate it from the American Shorthair Cat. They generally have golden eyes. However, some white American Wirehair Cat has amber or blue eyes.

What Do American Wirehair Cats  Look Like?

Characteristics of  American Wirehair Cats

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The American Wirehair Cat has a balanced temperament identical with the American Shorthair Cat. They are more playful and active than the American Shorthair Cat. They like attention and affection and can easily fall asleep on their owner’s laps. They have quiet voices and are empathetic with the emotions of their owners. You would often find them trailing you around the house or comforting you in times when you are sad.


How much does American Wirehair Cats  cost?

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Pricing for an American Wirehair Cat depends on the type, applicable markings, and bloodlines. This is distinguished by Grand Champion (GC), Distinguished Merit (DM) parentage, or National or Regional Winning (NW or RW). A kitten is sold at an average price of $500 – $1200.


What is the size of  American Wirehair Cats?

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The male American Wirehair Cat is bigger than the female. The average weight of a full-grown cat is around 15 to 16 pounds. These are medium sized cats.

What are the pet care needs of American Wirehair Cats?

The American Wirehair Cat requires little grooming. It is advised that you leave his coat alone as combing or brushing it can do more harm than good. However, lighter cats may need sunblock. Regular bimonthly bathing is a nice practice to remove excess body oil but make it enjoyable to the cat. A weekly nail trimming and regular teeth brushing as well as occasional ear cleaning would be nice.


What are the common health problems?

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Because the American Wirehair Cat’s ancestors are the American Shorthair Cats, they hold a lot of similarities, including genetic predispositions to health issues. One of this is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.


What is the lifespan of American Wirehair Cats?

If given the appropriate tender loving care, an American Wirehair Cat can live up to 15 to 20 years.

Explore the ups and downs of owning an American Wirehair Cat in this Animal Planet video. Do you know that this breed is actually considered the rarest amongst the 41 breeds in the Cat Fanciers Association?

The unique American Wirehair Cat is a soft-spoken and loving companion. They are great lap cats with an awesome emphatic personality. This cat is rare so if you have one, take good care of it because they are a great conversation piece!
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