Balinese Cats

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Balinese cats exude an aristocratic aura. The name itself promises something exotic and surely, this cat won’t fail your expectations. Just like the Balinese dancers, these cats are graceful and beautiful to look at with their plumed tail.


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Balinese Cats

What is a Balinese Cat?

Known for their regal bearing and strong hunting instinct, the Balinese Cat looks similar to a Siamese Cat. Hence they are known as the purebred long-haired Siamese. They have intelligent sapphire eyes, soft voice, and beautiful silky coat that ends with a plumed tail. No, they do not come from Bali, Indonesia but they were named after the graceful Balinese dancers.


Where do Balinese Cat come from?

History of Balinese Cat

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The Balinese Cats are results of spontaneous mutation among Siamese cats that produced a long-haired breed. This means they look like Siamese Cats but with the bonus of having long, flowing, silky coat.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) registered the Balinese Cat as a longhair Siamese in 1928. Later on, Marian Dorsey (Rai-Mar Cattery, California), Helen Smith (Merry Mews Cattery, New York) and Sylvia Holland (Holland’s Farm Cattery, California) worked together to refine the breed. It was Helen Smith who coined the name Balinese Cat for these long-haired Siamese variants.

The cat gained acceptance after it entered the Any Other Variety category in the Empire Cat Show held in New York in 1961. Nine years later in 1970, the cat was given the championship status by the CFA.


What Does a Balinese Cat Look Like?

Physical Description

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The Balinese Cat is a svelte cat with medium-length long flowing, silky coat that does not mat. They do not have an undercoat too. It ends in a dramatic plumed tail. An adult cat weighs an average of 7-9 pounds. They have long legs with oval paws that tell us clues of their point pattern. Pink pads are associated with lilac and chocolate points while those with dark pads are found in seal and blue points. In warm climates, they have lighter coats while those that live in colder climates have darker ones. Their almond-shaped eyes vary in color from pale blue to sparkling sapphire. These cats have a wedge-shaped head and large, pointed ears.


What Do a Balinese Cat Look Like?

Characteristics of a Balinese Cat

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The Balinese cats have a lot of similarities with their Siamese Cats ancestors. They are known to be intelligent, alert and curious. They are very affectionate and speaks in a soft purring voice. As they possess high energy, they can be quite playful too.


How much does a Balinese Cat cost?

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A Balinese kitten is sold at an average of $500 – $600.


What are the pet care needs of a Balinese Cat?

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To keep the fine, silky coat of the Balinese Cat beautiful, comb it with a stainless steel comb once or twice a week. You can also give her a bath but it is not necessary. If you notice dirt on her eyes, get a soft, damp cloth to wipe it off. Don’t forget to give your pet a weekly nail trimming and teeth brushing. Check their ears from time to time as well if it needs an ear cleaning. Always remember that cats love to be clean so keep their litter box free of dirt.

Here is a helpful tip for you, one way to ensure that your cat gets to live all her nine lives is to protect it from diseases, attack and catnapping. The only way to do this is to keep them indoors.


Do Balinese Cat shed a lot?

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There is minimal shedding with the Balinese Cat. Their coat does not mat as well. so both of these are good news.


What are the common health problems of a Balinese Cat?

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The Balinese Cat is generally healthy. There are no serious genetically predisposed health problems related to the Siamese Cat except cross eye.

The same health issues that plague a Siamese Cat may also plague them like amyloidosis, asthma, congenital heart defectsgastrointestinal problems, hyperesthesia syndrome, lymphoma, nystagmus and progressive retinal atrophy.


What is the lifespan of a Balinese Cat?

With tender loving care, the general life span for the Balinese Cat is 18-22 years.


Are Balinese Cats hypoallergenic?

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It is said that Balinese Cats are hypoallergenic. What is known about them is that they make fewer  amounts of the Fel d1 and Fel d4 allergens which lessen the incidence of allergic attacks.


Learn more about the difference of between a Siamese Cat and a Balinese Cat with this video from Sp!d3r_Channel.

This breed is healthy with a few health issues. Its long coat would need grooming. As a curious and intelligent cat, the Balinese Cat is recommended for families who has the time to discipline and train cats.


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