Persian Cats

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Soft and fluffy Persian Cats with their luxurious coats are the real celebrities in the cat world! They are so cute and huggable because they look like stuffed animals! No wonder, they are one of the most popular and sought after cats to star in the silver screen. So purrty they look like royalty!


persian cat | Persian Cats

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Persian Cats

What is a Persian Cat?

The Persian cat is known as Long Hair in Britain or Shiraz in the Middle East. It looks like a stuffed animal because of its long hair, medium puffy tail and cute round face. Its tiny nose and flat muzzle is a result of selective breeding. It is the perfect house cat!

It is one of the oldest breed of cat with records dating back to 1500s. Its breed was entered into the registry of the Cat Fanciers Association in 1871.


Where do Persian Cats come from?

History of Persian Cats

persian cat | Persian Cats

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This beautiful and mysterious cat has an equally beautiful and mysterious history to match. They come from Mesopotamia, where the first recorded civilization of man came from. This place was later known as Persia and is currently called Iran.

In 1626, it is said that Pietro Della Valle, an Italian nobleman and adventurer were amused with these long haired cats when he saw them in a bazaar while passing through Persia. He bought four and brought them to Western Europe.

What Does a Persian Cat  Look Like?

Physical Description

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Persian cats are medium sized and have a cobby body type. Its trunk is broad and sturdy with  short and sturdy legs. They have a short and thick neck that supports a large  round head with tiny ears that have rounded tips.

Their thick, long, fine and glossy hair that comes in different colors and shades like white, red, black, orange, silver and gold adds to the appeal of the cat . They are especially longer on the neck and front legs making them appear bigger than they really are.

There are two basic types of Persian Cats.  The first one is the show cat which has big beautiful copper eyes, cute flat nose . The flat squished nose is their most distinctive characteristics that was a result of genetic mutation in the 1950s.

The second one is the traditional Persian which possess a doll face that does not look squished as it has a normal length muzzle. There are some cats with a face described as “ultra” or “peke”. This is considered by the Cat Fanciers Association as the modern standard for this breed.


What Do Persian Cats  Look Like?

Characteristics of a Persian Cat

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Known for being a house cat, the Persian Cat is quiet, placid and friendly but would often have sudden bursts of cat energy. It is rare to hear a cat owner report this breed for bad behavior. They could, however, develop bad behaviors like scratching furniture especially when seeking your attention.


How much does a Persian Cat cost?

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This cutie kitty comes at a selling price that ranges from $300-$800. This makes it one of the most expensive cats in the world. The amount of money paid for it is worth it for some as these cats are often carried by their owners in expensive labeled bags to show off to the world.


What are the pet care needs of a Persian Cat?

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The graceful bearing of this cat requires it to be pampered. The top priorities when taking care of a Persian Cat would be its long beautiful hair, breathing issues, eyes and the occasional related health conditions.

Assistance with grooming its hair is needed. If it isn’t brushed regularly, it gets tangled and matted. A regular bathing schedule is also a good idea.

Since these tiny kitties suffers from excessive tearing, you would need to wipe the corner of their eyes daily with a damp cloth to prevent tears from building up and crust from forming.


How do I take care of my Persian Cat’s hair?

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Train your cat to accept hair brushing at a tender young age. Do this before meal time so he would always associate the experience with a nice reward. Use a metal comb with a a wide space teeth to untangle the hair and a narrow teeth on the other end to finely brush the cats hair from roots to tips. Follow the natural growth and you will never go wrong.


Does a Persian Cat shed a lot of hair?

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The cats long hair shed moderately throughout the year especially their winter coats and summer coats. It is noticeable because their hair would turn from fine to matted. Shedding can be kept to a minimum with a regular brushing, coming and grooming routine.


Does a Persian Cat have breathing problems?

This breed suffers from brachycephalic syndrome. Because their nose are “pushed in” to their face, they are comparably shorter that other cats and this causes breathing problems that requires them to exert more effort to inhale oxygen. This malformation causes them to sneeze and sniffle more often.


Watch this video to learn how to groom your Persian Cat and make them purrty from Loveofpets.

Congratulations on owning one of the sweetest and most adorable cats! Take good care of them and we are sure they are going to love you back. Be careful though or you might end up spoiling your little kitten overtime.


Did you find this article informative? Do you have a Persian Cat or is planning to own one? Tell us your cat story below. Meow!

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